Holiday Eating with IBS - A Holiday Survival Guide

Holiday Eating with IBS - A Holiday Survival Guide

Holidays are those special times when we can all get together to share some delicious food in the company of friends and family. This year is a little different with all of us trying to keep our 2020 bubbles small, but no matter the group sizes, managing your IBS issues is still paramount. Planning ahead is key to managing IBS during the Holidays. Here are our Top 5 tips to help you survive the most delicious time of the year.

Remember to Enjoy Yourself

Preparing yourself mentally and physically will help to curb your IBS issues before they start. Of course this is a time to treat yourself but keep your "digestive limits" in mind. For example, you may be fine with a few bites of cake and some turkey stuffing, but if it goes beyond that you can run into trouble. 

You can always prepare for your holiday feast by having extra support like digestive enzymes and the MegaSporeBiotic on hand. Support your gut in the best way you can and enjoy the season.

Limit Stress and Anxiety

Depending on your level of IBS, stress and anxiety are likely contributors to your IBS symptoms. Prioritize distressing during highly stressful situations like dinner table political conversations, aunt Karen's reluctance to wear her mask at Walmart or all the questions on why you're still single. Try yoga or meditation to reduce your symptoms so you can get back to enjoying the holidays.

Avoid Foods That Trigger Symptoms

Try your best to avoid the high FODMAPs, fatty-foods, or alcoholic beverages that trigger flare ups. Just remove yourself from the area if the temptation is too great. Better safe than sorry. Also, balance out a small indulgence of a trigger foods with healthy yummy options like turkey, sweet potato, and well-cooked greens.

Bring Your Own IBS Friendly Foods

Yup, you heard me, pack a supply of goodies that you know won’t cause symptom­­s. These could include IBS-friendly fruits and vegetables or homemade paleo baked goods. 

Determine Why You Have IBS

Schedule a Complimentary IBS Consultation from Dr. Laura Brass. Using video and set in the comfort of your own home, Dr. Brass can and will get the root cause of your IBS.

During your time together, Dr. Brass will provide a detailed assessment of your health concerns including a full review of:

• Your diet 
• Supplements/medications 
• Lifestyle 
• Medical history

At the end of the consultation Dr. Brass will tell you what factors she believes are likely causing your health condition, and what steps are needed to get you feeling better.

Happy Holiday!




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