Fix Your IBS

Let's uncover the root cause of your digestive troubles

The Truth About IBS

Leading researchers from John Hopkins and Cedars Sinai have discovered that the number one cause of IBS is an overgrowth of bad bacteria in your small intestine,  a condition called SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth). 
SIBO is a condition that can be easily diagnosed and has a highly successful treatment rate.

Through working with me, we can find and diagnose the cause of your digestive concerns and from there treat them accordingly, it’s that simple. This changes everything!

We Take A

Deep Dive Into Your Unique Health Concerns

And Tailor a Solution that Solves the Root Problem of your IBS. 

Take heart, you don't need to feel discouraged or cemented in a life of poor digestive health any longer. 

Mis-information on the internet has gotten out of control and we need to step back and look at what is actually causing your digestive distress. While making healthy food choices is essential for optimal gut and whole-body health, it is often, surprisingly, not the primary cause of your digestive problems. 

Helping people solve their digestive problems is my passion. The reason for this is that through the course of my 11 years of practice I have hands down seen the most transformational and successful results treating people with irritable bowel syndrome and other gut disorders.  Helping someone solve and completely recover after years of digestive distress is certainly the most rewarding part of my job.