Move Into The Holiday Season Feeling Healthy And Grounded

Move Into The Holiday Season Feeling Healthy And Grounded

The holiday season is meant to be a time of joy, love, and connection.  But for many, it can be a stressful time.  Schedules are busy, healthy eating and exercise go out the window, and (for some) spending time with family can be triggering.

Here are some practical strategies on how to remain balanced, grounded and healthy during the holiday season:

1. Physical activity

During the holidays, going to the gym or your bootcamp class may not be realistic, and that's OK.  Instead, get outside!  Suggest a family walk, toboggan, or bundle up and make a snowman.  An added bonus - being outside will help boost your mood!

2. Eat protein first

Before indulging in the holiday buffet, scan the options for the protein-rich foods and eat these first (examples include: turkey, eggs, nuts, etc...).  By doing so, your body gets the message to reduce insulin secretion which ultimately helps with blood sugar regulation, sugar cravings, and weight management.

3. Supplement with Vitamin D

If you haven't started increasing your Vitamin D dose, now's the time.  Building up your levels will help elevate your moods for the holidays so you can feel more connected to loved ones.


Vitamin B12 shots can be a wonderful way to support your energy, mood, and general vitality during the holiday season. 

As a holiday gift to my patients I am offering complimentary B12 shots for all appointments till December 15, 2017.


  • I will be away from the clinic for 4 weeks from Dec 15 - Jan 15 2018. 
  • I'll be in Australia with my family but will have some email and Skype access if you need care.
  • My practice is getting busy and I am updating my clinic policy accordingly.  Moving forward, complex email replies may incur a charge of $25

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